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Passion for and Experience in Engineering Markets.

With 30+ years working in deeply technical industries, it is an honor to partner with technology business leaders who are creating a healthier, safer, smarter future for society. Whether your company is creating custom systems to test the next generation fighter jet or your team of engineers are retrofitting the control systems for a brownfield food and beverage plant, engineering company executives like you face pressures to deliver high quality, react to growing competitive pressures, and make investment decisions to strengthen your reputation all while maintaining cash flow and profitability. Rebecca works as a responsible board member, committed business and leadership advisor, and communications strategist to provide structure, accountability, support and straight answers that are tailored to the uniquely technical customers and markets you serve.

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Executive Communications Strategist

As a communications advisor to business owners and executives from enterprise to startups, Rebecca brings a keen ability to listen, ask the tough questions, and work with key leaders to drive individual and team performance. As a business leader, you know each of your stakeholder groups requires different messages at different frequencies for different purposes. What you share with employees and when and how you do it can greatly impact loyalty and accountability. Staying in touch with key trade press who cover your market and providing timely, valuable information that helps them do their jobs is key to driving reputational strength. Having led corporate communications for National Instruments and served as a communications advisor to small business executives across markets including mil/aero, medical device/life sciences, and test and measurement, Rebecca uses a pragmatic approach to develop your communications plan that best fits your needs.

Proven and Trusted

RIVE was founded by Rebecca Geier, who The Wall Street Journal named among the 10 most innovative entrepreneurs in America. She cofounded TREW Marketing, one of the most trusted and well-known marketing agencies in America serving engineering markets. She is the author of Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences (foreword by NI CEO, Dr. James Truchard), which has received 5-star reviews on Amazon by many engineers who rely on the book as their proven guide to executing modern, online marketing in highly technical markets. Rebecca's greatest achievement, however, is the trust that others have placed in her to provide experienced, researched, data-driven and honest advice, guidance and support to the business executives she works with.

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